About Us

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Mid-States MSDC Vision

To be recognized as Central Illinois, Indiana and Eastern Missouri’s leading supplier diversity organization, by promoting corporate purchases from minority business.

Mid-States MSDC Mission

The primary mission of the Mid-States MSDC is to promote and cultivate successful minority enterprises within the Central Illinois, Indiana and Eastern Missouri business communities. The Mid-States MSDC serves as an advocate for the economic well-being and growth of certified MBEs, while also providing a direct connection for corporations who are committed to purchasing products and services from Mid-States MSDC-certified MBEs.

Who We Are

The Mid-States MSDC is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and one of 24 regional councils operating in the United States. The Council was created by the Indianapolis business community in the mid ’70s to address and support minority business development.

Through the dedication and continuing support of its original founders, the Indiana Regional Purchasing Council (IRPC) as it was initially named, became the Indiana Regional Minority Purchasing Council (IRMPC), followed by the Indiana Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (IRMSDC), the Indiana Business Diversity Council (IBDC), Indiana Minority Supplier Development Council (IMSDC) and now, the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council (Mid-States MSDC). The successive name changes reflect the increasing scope of programs and services made available to the minority business community.

The Mid-States MSDC is supported by corporate membership dues, contributions, and by funding from the NMSDC.

How We Help

Often, bringing together corporate and minority businesses is simply a communication issue. Membership in the Council helps to solve that problem by providing the vehicle for effective networking and communication. Many activities and programs of the Council are designed to bring buyers and sellers together to discuss business problems and share knowledge.

Belonging to the Mid-States MSDC is good for your business because a sound minority purchasing program increases the quality and depth of your organization’s supplier base. It is good for the local economy because increased minority purchasing equates to the growth of small companies and increased local employment.

The Council works closely with other organizations serving the needs of the majority and the minority business community.

The Council does not duplicate the services of other organizations but rather compliments their efforts to enhance the minority business community.