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The Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) is comprised of Mid-States MSDC certified minority business owners representing diverse industry groups.

The purpose and mission of the MBEIC is to work in conjunction with the Mid-States MSDC and the National Minority Supplier Development Council to provide advice and input regarding the programs operating under the Mid-States MSDC in the furtherance of its goals to enhance minority economic development and to conduct council approved activities that the committee adopts in the furtherance that do not impair the 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status of the Mid-States MSDC or the NMSDC.


Mercedes Enrique
CMS Corporation
Rosemily Geyer
Geyer Fire Protection
1st Vice Chair

2nd Vice Chair



MBEIC Committees

Executive Committee: The elected officers of the MBEIC (Chair and Vice Chairs, Secretary
and Assistant Secretary, Committee Chairs)

The following are the Standing Committees:

1.Grievance (Field Services Committee)

2.Program Committee: Responsible for identifying and leading the planning for all MBEIC

3.Operating Guidelines: Shall be responsible for monitoring, interpreting, and/or amending
the Operating Guidelines as directed by the Executive Committee

4.Election Committee: Shall be responsible for the development, coordination, and
implementation of the election process for all National and Regional elections. The plan for
the conduct of each election of officers shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for
approval at least thirty (30) days prior to any scheduled National or Regional election of

5.Governmental Affairs Committee: Shall be responsible for the monitoring, reporting, and
development of responsive strategies related to Governmental policies that impact minority
contracting and procurement opportunities.

6.Industry Groups Committee: ICG works to align the certified minority business owner
constituency by industry to encourage strategic alliances and increased sourcing
opportunities, as well as developing businesses and alliances of scale.

7.Field Services: Works in conjunction with the national office and the representatives from
the other two constituent groups to interpret the bylaws and resolve whatever issues are
brought before it for the good of the organization.

8.Corporation of the Year (Committee will only include the MBEIC): Responsible for
conducting an objective process of annually selecting the corporation which best exemplifies
the business case for supplier diversity in its purchasing practice.