Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership 2018-05-31T16:24:16-04:00

The Mid-States MSDC welcomes all Central Illinois, Indiana and Eastern Missouri corporations interested in corporate membership. We offer assistance in establishing and improving corporate supplier diversity programs, as well as providing access to hundreds of Mid-States MSDC-certified MBE’s. We understand a company’s goals to achieve supplier diversity while maintaining the level of quality required of vendors. We offer seminars, courses and advisers for the certified MBE’s to assist in the development of professional relationships with corporate members. Here are a few benefits of corporate membership:

    • Access to the Mid-States MSDC database of certified MBEs and the ability to request searches for minority companies providing specific products and services
    • Assistance with the development, maintenance, and improvement of MBE programs
    • Access to the Mid-States MSDC networking events and activities

A sound minority purchasing program increases the quality and depth of your organization’s supplier base. It is good for the local economy because increased minority purchasing equates to the growth of small companies and increased local employment. The Council also works closely with other organizations serving the needs of the majority and the minority business community.  For more information about how to become a corporate member, please call Carolyn Mosby, President/CEO at (317) 923-2110 or email Carolyn at .