MBE Certification FAQS

//MBE Certification FAQS
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Certification identifies the MBE company as a firm that meets the definition of a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) as established by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) in the Certification Policy and Procedures Manual.
The NMSDC regional council nearest a company’s headquarters conducts the annual certification process to assure that the business is owned, operated and controlled by minorities: Asian, Black, Hispanic and/or Native American. Our standardized procedures assure consistent, identical review for the certification of each MBE. Wherever your business interests, regional certification guarantees national reciprocation. Certified MBEs are listed in their Councils’ Minority Supplier Directory and in the NMSDC national database.
An individual who is a citizen of the United States and at least 1/4 or 25% minimum (documentation to support claim of 25% my be required from applicant) of the following ethnic groups:

  • African American
  • Hispanic American
  • Native American
  • Asian-Pacific American
  • Asian-Indian American
  • Location in the geographic area serviced by the Mid-States MSDC
  • Minority ownership
  • Minority operation
  • Minority control
The length of time required for certification varies from applicant to applicant. The two major factors determining the amount of time to become certified are:

  • Proper completion of the required information by the applicant
  • The certification committee’s schedule

The usual time required to become certified, after a complete application has been received by the staff is 45-60 business days.

The typical certification process includes:

  • Applicant participates in pre-certification information session (Usually by Web-Ex)
  • A complete electronic application submitted to the Mid-States MSDC Using PRISM
  • Certification staff reviews the application
  • Upon completion of the desk audit, an on-site visit is performed
  • Application is reviewed by certification committee
  • Application is reviewed and voted on by board of directors
  • MBE is notified of board of directors decision
  • If approved, the MBE participates in post-certification orientation (Usually by WebEx)
The Director of MBE Services is responsible for certification. Questions regarding application, policy and procedure should be directed to the Director of MBE Services. No staff member makes final decisions with regard to the denial or certification of any applicant.
You can begin the certification process by using our online application.
Once you become certified:

  • You will receive an email notification once approved.
  • You will be able to download your Certificate of Certification signed by the President that includes your certification number and expiration date.
  • You will receive a letter explaining your status, signed by the Director of MBE Services.
  • You will be notified of the date to attend the post-certification orientation (usually through WebEx).
Any changes your company must be immediately communicated to the Mid-States MSDC, to include those affecting: ownership, operation, control, subsidiaries, affiliates, product/services provided, key employees, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

You must re-certify annually, in a timely fashion. Failure to re-certify in accordance with the notice you receive from the Mid-States MSDC will result in the revocation of your company’s certification. Please complete the online re-certification application.

The benefits of being certified with us are:

  • Access to our corporate membership via programs and networking events
  • Referrals to inquiring companies seeking MBEs
  • Inclusion in database used by our corporate members to locate potential suppliers
  • One-on-one counseling and marketing assistance from the Mid-States MSDC staff
  • Opportunity to subscribe to premium services
  • Business Consortium Fund – access to working capital loans